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Business Documents


Business Documents

business documents

Many commercial agreements involve important IP issues. We know how to prepare your key business documents to formalise your business arrangements, protect your IP and set out performance targets.

Did you know, that copyright assignments, non-compete and restraint of trade clauses must be in writing? A handshake isn’t enough.

Having the right person to guide you through the different options is important to maximising the revenue from your IP. Licensing trademark and patent rights can be a great strategy if you have the right agreements in place.


License and distribution agreements

We can help you negotiate and draft all types of commercial agreements, including license agreements. Visit our section on IP licensing to find out more.

Service agreements

We draft a variety of industry-specific service agreements designed to cover relationships that involve a sharing of background IP, data, and inter-company relationships. When we work with you to prepare your agreements, we will consider relevant transfer-pricing, audit, accounting and liability issues.

Non-disclosure agreements

We can help protect your trade secret through non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Lots of recipes and product formulas are trade secrets that can benefit from a strong system of contracts to make sure your valuable IP is protected.

Software-related agreements

Software is protected under copyright and patent laws. Our team has considerable experience in preparing software, and SAAS, license agreements.

Applications, Skills and Website Design

Have you invested in building an application, skill or website? Then you could have some important issues to cover in your agreements.

  • If your application, skill, website, trademark, label or logo was created by a design company, there is a possibility that the copyright resides in the design company unless you have a written copyright assignment document in place.
  • Did your design company create new code that might be protected under patent laws? If so, who owns that the rights to that patent?
  • It’s also important to think about privacy and data laws. Not only for Australia, but wherever your data is stored.

Contractor and employment agreements

Sometimes you will have distributors, contractors and agents, working for your business. Other times, it might be more appropriate to have employees. Whichever option is right for you, it is important to understand how to protect your valuable IP within these relationships. We prepare all types of distributor, agent, contractor and employment agreements.