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A Big Thank You!

A Big Thank You!
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My sincere thank you to those who nominated Burns IP for “Boutique Diversity Firm of the Year” in the Women in Law Awards 2018. 

I am so proud to announce we are a national finalist.

I am wholly committed to diversity practices and policies, particularly those that benefit professional women in the workplace and here’s why:

It’s Good For Your Business

Fast Response Times

The technology we have in place lets us work without geographical limitation, be it from the office, at home or when we travel. 

This versatility is not only great for working parents, it’s also fantastic for our clients. 

We are available outside of regular office hours and can rapidly respond to our clients' needs.

Cost Effective

A flexible and technologically adept workspace also translates to cost savings. 

We rotate working at the office and at home, answer our own phones and keep our office “as paperless as possible” – all of which keep our overheads low. 

These savings are directly passed onto our clients in the form of lower legal fees.

Legal Talent

Our progressive culture and work arrangements mean that we can attract and retain top-skilled professionals including lawyers, corporate advisors, patent attorneys and paralegals.

Our clients deserve the highest standard of legal services, and we certainly provide that.

We Meet Supplier Diversity Guidelines

To increase profitability by tapping from a variety of talent, many businesses and government organisations pledge to purchase a proportion of their services from suppliers that are women-owned. 

We are one such supplier and meet women-owned business guidelines to achieve diversity supplier requirements for our clients’ businesses. 


Alignment of Values

To make work that much more enjoyable, our clients often rightly desire a team that mirrors their own in terms of company ethos and the contemporary use of technology.  

Our diversity policies have led us to incredible clients, like you, who are aligned with our firm’s culture. We value the strong and lasting relationships we have with our clients, where all of us are committed to a respectful work environment.

Thank you once again for recognising the contribution that our female-led firm has made to the practice of law in Australia.