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Some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised brands entrust their trademark portfolios to us. Why? Because we provide global best practice standards, at small firm rates.

We practise directly before the trademark offices of Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the Madrid International Register.

We offer a streamlined trademark prosecution practice that combines our 20+ years of experience in trademark law with a technologically-advanced system of securing IP registration.

  • We will advise you on the strength of your trademark and can deliver fast turnaround, common-sense clearance & search reports.

  • We will identify your IP rights and show you the best strategy to capitalise on your trademark assets. Did you know that a trademark is not only words and logos, but can also be a colour, scent, shape or sound?

  • You have enough to do. Let the experts take care of the application process before the trademark office - all for a very reasonable, fixed-fee rate. There’s no uncertainty about cost or the security of your valuable IP. We will send you regular reports and updates on your trademarks. And, that's just part of our standard services. No hidden charges.

  • We are in touch with the Australian and New Zealand trademark office on a regular basis, and we have developed a relationship with these offices. We know how to progress your trademark application through the examination and opposition process. Let us be the point-of-contact for your trademark portfolio, not just for the application process, but for the ongoing maintenance of your trademarks. We will handle all aspects of the management of your IP portfolio, from basic administrative updates and payment of renewal fees, all the way up to negotiating and effecting the sale and purchase of IP assets.

  • With our sophisticated record system, and continuous audit process, we keep track of all your deadlines.

  • Got a question about entry into overseas markets? We have a global network of alliances that enables us to register your trademarks in any country throughout the world. And still for one, fixed-fee rate.

  • Is someone else using your trademark? We provide a cost-effective litigation strategy where you will be in confident hands.

Your reputation rests in your brand and your trademark is one of your businesses’ most valuable assets. Make sure you have taken steps to protect your brand, in Australia and any other country where you do business, by registering your trademark.

Our trademark team has worked in Australia’s largest law firms and managed the trademark portfolios of Fortune 500 companies. Over the last 20 years, we have managed more than 10,000 trademarks.  We stay informed about changes in trademark law through a commitment to continuing education, and attendance at international conferences.

Some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised brands entrust their trademark portfolios to us. The reason why? We provide global best practice standards, at small firm rates.

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