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International Trade


International Trade

International Trade

We are licensed to practise in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and International Trademark and Patent Registers.

Here’s our top 5 tips for entry into international markets.

TIP #1. Make sure you have registered your IP overseas.

You may already have protection in Australia, but you must remember that Australian IP registration only provides protection in Australia.

TIP #2. The clock is ticking after you have registered your IP in Australia.

  • You only have 12 months to file a patent overseas after your Australian patent is filed; and

  • You only have 6 months to claim trademark priority overseas after your Australian trademark is filed.

TIP #3. A well-drafted contract is your best insurance policy and first line of defence.

It can optimise your chance of getting paid, protect your IP and limited your legal and tax liability. Start your negotiations with a summary of key terms which can be used as a springboard for negotiations and set the tone for future contracts.

TIP #4. What form of business entity is right for your overseas operations?

A corporation provides limited liability and is a convenient vehicle to operate your business, especially if you are going to have employees overseas. But there are costs to setting up and maintaining an overseas company and it may create additional tax burdens. Contact us to find our what form of business entity is right for your overseas operations.

TIP #5. Know the local customs and pitfalls

China, the United States and Europe all have different legal issues when it comes to protecting your IP, hiring employees and setting-up a local business. We understand these differences and can advise you in developing the best strategy for entry into international markets.

Because we are protecting trademarks and patents throughout the world on a day-to-day basis, we know the information and documents you need to protect your IP in any country. We also know the right price, and can bring together translators, notaries, legalisation and apostille authentication services in any country throughout the world - and still all for a fixed-fee.