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Complying with Australia's Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standards

If you are selling food products in Australia, then you may need to comply with Australia’s Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard (“the Standard”). 

What is the Standard?

Labelling requirements differ between different kinds of food products, considered “priority” and “non-priority”. 

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UPDATE: Brexit and Trade Mark Protection in the European Union

Brexit and Trade Mark Protection in the European Union - Extension Granted

Brexit was initially supposed to occur on 29 March 2019, which was then delayed to 12 April 2019.  Still, no deal had been reached between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK).  To avoid the messy cliff-hanger if Brexit proceeded then, the EU granted the UK until 31 October 2019 to officialise a withdrawal agreement.

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Final Days of the Innovation Patent System

In 2001, the innovation patent system was introduced in Australia to provide a “second tier” of protection. Innovation patents are distinct from standard patents in that they have shorter terms (eight years rather than twenty) and are designed to protect inventions that do not satisfy the inventive threshold required for standard patents. Rather than protecting a brand-new invention, the innovation patent protects an incremental advance on an existing invention. 

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A Big Thank You!

My sincere thank you to those who nominated Burns IP for “Boutique Diversity Firm of the Year” in the Women in Law Awards 2018. 

I am so proud to announce we are a national finalist.

I am wholly committed to diversity practices and policies, particularly those that benefit professional women in the workplace and here’s why…

It’s good for your business…

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Introducing Scott Gan

I am thrilled to introduce a brand new member of our team, Scott Gan. 

Scott is a meticulous lawyer with a difference. 

Scott attained Law (with Honours) from Monash University while holding a full scholarship. In addition to his law qualification, Scott brings an extra edge to our intellectual property offering with his top-end achievement in science. Scott also graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science.

We don’t mind boasting that Scott earned two degrees one year ahead of his peers, exhibiting his fierce determination to achieve outstanding results – an attitude he brings to all his clients and work here at Burns IP. 

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Natasha BurnsComment
Do you need to review your Privacy Policy?

Changes to the GDPR are effective from the 25th May 2018.

Many Australian businesses will need to comply.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) contains new data protection requirements that will apply from 25 May 2018. 

Australian businesses with an establishment in the EU, or that offer goods and services in the EU, or that monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EU may need to comply. 

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The End of Innovation Patents in Australia

Australia’s innovation patent system may be phased-out as early as July 2018. 

Before the innovation patent system is abolished, potential patent owners should use this system to its fullest. We recommend that all innovation patent applications are filed as soon as possible to take advantage of protecting your IP under this low cost, low threshold registration system.

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